I was browsing on my laptop the other day when twitter fox popped up with a new tweet from a friend in London. Usually I ignore alot of the tweets that contain links to other sites, but this one caught my eye. It was a blog entry from a php developer about the current state of affairs with the community and helping people to learn.

Now this struck a cord with me, because I’m always trying to learn things in languages, or even relearn things I’ve learnt in the past, but forgot and sometimes, I really struggle to find any decent example over and a above what you might find in the documentation.

You can read the blog entry here -> http://blog.phpdeveloper.org/?p=198

It really is worth a read.

It boils down to, if you find yourself in a position where you are trying to find out how to do something and you end up learning how to do it, blog about it, share your experience and in doing so, you will probably end up helping someone else. From there, move on a learn something new and share it again. It’s a repeating cycle.

So I created this blog for that purpose, to blog about my programming experiences, in the hope that they will help other people in some small way.

Some of the things will be mundane for some, others might find its something they struggled with. I’m by no means a guru in any particular language, but I’ve programmed in and had some exposure to most.

I hope you enjoy reading and please feel free to register and comment, your comments may end up helping people to learn.


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